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Ortomedical by Arcopedico Doctor Monk Large Orthopedic Shoes


Ortomedical by Arcopedico Doctor Monk Large Orthopedic Shoes

  • Soft leather
  • Velcro strap
  • Extra volume
  • Removable insoles for Orthotics
  • Non-slip sole in PU
  • Insole with double arch support system
  • Soft heel
  • Soft, foam-lined edges
  • Soft, silver ions lining (Silver Ions - combat bacteria and fungi and prevent odours)

Making a contribution towards this, the Portuguese Diabetes Association has created the APDP
Programme – Healthy Footwear – based on its extensive experience in footcare. This programme is
intended, on the one hand, to award an “APDP – Healthy Footwear” seal of approval to footwear
models that respect defined criteria and, on the other hand, to make the general population aware of
what is important when buying footwear, so that this can aid in maintaining healthy feet.
The basic features to look out for in healthy footwear are correct width, length and height and a fit
that allows the shoe to be correctly adapted to the foot. Attention should also be paid to the materials
forming the upper, the sole and the insole, as well as the height of the heel.


Shoe base of the same width as the foot
Wide, high, rounded toecap, allowing room for the toes to move without causing pressure
and leaving around 1 cm beyond the tip of the longest toe
Shoe upper made of real leather or appropriate materials (sports shoes) with a soft lining and
no internal stitching
Stable heel stiffener to support the heel of the foot, and edges that reach only as far as the
ankles and the Achilles tendon, without covering them
Fastenings are laces or Velcro strips, allowing for stretching and adjustment over the course
of the day when the feet swell. The shoe should be neither too tight nor too loose on the foot
when walking
Semi-rigid sole and insole, made of non-slip material (rubber or polyurethane) and cushioned

Semi-rigid removable insole
- Can be removed for easier shoe-cleaning
- Can accommodate customised insoles

Soft, real leather
- Adapts to minor foot deformities
- Reduces pressure on the back of the toes when there are minor
deformities and rigidity of the toes
- Reduces pressure of calluses

Velcro straps
- Allow shoes to be easily put on and off
- Allow for adjustment due to changes
in foot size over the course
of the day

Extra volume
- No pressure from the shoe on the back of the toes
- Fewer calluses
- Allows for customised insoles
- Double-arch system to support the foot arch

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