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Mephisto NIELS Black 3400

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Mephisto Canada in Laval

Mephisto NIELS Black 3400 Walking Sandal for Men Orthopedic

  • Shock-absorbing
  • Guarantees fatigue-free walking
  • Protects your back
  • Maximum comfort

Material: Nubuck
Lining: Unlined
Width: Unlined G = standard width
Closure type: Buckle
Heel type: Flat
    Ultra-comfortable with its anatomical sole, which integrates the Soft-Air Technology for reduce shock the MEPHISTO "SANDAL". It's a perfect match for all your everyday needs, for smooth, fatigue-free walking.

    SOFT-AIR technology

    The secret of the exceptional comfort of MEPHISTO shoes lies in this innovative technology: the SOFT-AIR midsole, extremely soft, flexible and durably elastic, reduces the shocks inherent in walking to a strict minimum.

    As a result, your joints, discs and spine are protected. It's like walking on a thick, soft carpet, and even after hours you'll still feel great. So tired feet are a thing of the past...

    Gentle walking

    To adapt to walking upright, the human foot is anatomically and functionally complex. A quarter of the 220 or so bones in the human body are found in the feet.

    To protect those areas of the foot which, when walking in shoes on a daily basis, are particularly sensitive to pain caused by the shocks of walking, MEPHISTO has equipped each model with SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY, an internationally registered patent.

    A healthy climate

    Throughout the day, our feet are mostly confined to our shoes. For many people, this leads to increased perspiration - the climate inside the shoe suffers from a greenhouse effect: excessive perspiration, fungus and other foot diseases are often the consequence.

    SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY, combined with the natural leather of the upper and lining, ensures a healthy climate at all times.


    Fatigue-free walking

    The shocks inherent in walking are a constant source of pain for the whole body. Walking on hard surfaces exposes joints, discs and the spine to a lifetime of unnatural loads.

    Special shock absorbers in the heels and the soft, shock-absorbing SOFT-AIR midsole integrated into all MEPHISTO shoes and sandals reduce shock to an absolute minimum.

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