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Birkenstock GIZEH EVA 128221 White | EVA Regular Width


Birkenstock - Boutique du Cordonnier

Birkenstock GIZEH EVA 128221 White | EVA Regular Width

The Gizeh from BIRKENSTOCK is our classic flip-flop sandal. Inspired by the original cork model, this sandal is made from ultra-light, highly flexible EVA. These colorful sandals are shock-absorbing, waterproof and skin-friendly. Wear them at the beach, in the garden or in wellness and spa areas. They're the perfect complement to your classic BIRKENSTOCK sandals.

Particularly suitable for wet areas such as the sauna, pool, beach or ocean, Birkenstock items made from EVA are an alternative to flip-flops.

  • Regular width
  • BIRKENSTOCK anatomically shaped footbed in EVA
  • Upper/lining/sole: one-piece molded EVA
  • Details: waterproof, washable, ultra-lightweight
  • Made in Germany

Product information

In the course of our lives, no other part of our body is subjected to as much pressure as our feet. They balance the body, absorb shock and support the body's total weight. That's why Birkenstock shoes are designed to give your feet optimum support.

Helps people with sciatic nerve problems, plantar ease, posture, back pain, knee pain, heel spur....

The original Birkenstock insole

Legendary design
The heart of every model is the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed. The construction, which has been thought through to the last detail and gives the impression of standing on sand, helps your feet to be as comfortable as possible for hours on end. This promotes health and well-being.

Deep heel cup
The extra-deep molding in the heel area supports the foot tissue and holds the heel bone firmly in its natural position. As a result, the foot receives almost as much support in a sandal as it does in a closed shoe.

Heel mold
Activates calf muscles, stabilizes the back of the foot and improves gait and coordination.

Inner and outer longitudinal arch supports
Arch supports running along the sides of the sole surround the tarsal bones on the inside and outside. This gives the foot the stability it needs when taking a step.

Transverse arch support
The support that runs through the middle of the sole stabilizes the metatarsal bone. In this way, transverse arch support helps to ensure a naturally upright and solid foot position.

Toe grip
The front of the sole features raised indentations near the toes. Thanks to the toe grip, the toes remain free and spread out in their natural position. These indentations also encourage the natural rolling movement of the toes.

Edge of footbed
The footbed is particularly high at the front. As a result, the high edge of the sole protects the toes during the rolling movement of the foot.

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