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Birkenstock BLUE FOOTBED TRADITION Narrow Width 1001158

$60.00 CAD

Birkenstock BLUE FOOTBED TRADITION Narrow Width 1001158 Orthopaedic Insoles

The Blue Footbed utilizes the principle of walking barefoot. It is based on the impression left by a healthy foot in sand, creating a natural environment for your feet. The heel area is cushioned and stabilized thanks to the raised design. This also supports the natural arch of the foot. The Blue Footbed is therefore ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy the unique comfort of BIRKENSTOCK in enclosed shoes made by other brands too.

  • Anatomical footbed shape
  • Narrow fit
  • Excellent heel stabilization
  • Optimum damping
  • For traditional business and leisure shoes with a slight heel


With the flexible blue footbed® you can also enjoy BIRKENSTOCK comfort in many different shoes. As many people with the same shoe size often have toes of differing length, the flexible blue footbed® has a three-quarter length. This guarantees an optimal fit, without having to take the length of the forefoot and the shape of the shoe tip into account. Shoe sizes can differ from the size of the footbed.

  1. Very thin, flexible edges make them comfortable to wear and adapt to the shape of any shoe.
  2. The heel cup encloses the foot naturally, supports the heel, and provides good shock absorption.
  3. The arch under the ball, the longitudinal arch support, and the side support relieve pressure and guide the foot back to its natural shape.
  4. Precisely shaped cups support the longitudinal arch and support the entire foot.
On a hard, flat surface, the foot only touches the ground with the heel and the ball. That's a lot of pressure on a small area. With the blue footbed® the foot has a larger area of impact. Weight is distributed more evenly and so the pressure on a given point is lower.
  1. The natural footprint on soft ground.
    The whole area of the foot touches the ground. The arch in the middle of the foot is supported.
  2. Foot on a hard, flat surface.
    The foot only makes contact at the front and back. The central arch is not supported and sinks down.
  3. Foot with blue footbed®.
    The flattening foot is brought back to its naturally arched shape. A larger area of the foot touches the ground. Pressure on the forefoot is relieved.