Olang HAPPY CAMO Bottes Hivers pour Enfants - Winter Boots for Kids

by Olang
Color - Camo


Olang HAPPY CAMO Boots Winters for Children

The Italian manufacturer Olang has an expertise of over twenty years in the manufacture of boots for children. This vast experience allows us to ensure the quality of the product, which will hold the foot of the toddlers warm while giving a proud-looking and fashionable.


  • Design and european manufacture by a hand-d'oeuvre adult and specialized
  • Lining with the insulation sheet OLANTEX breathable
  • Heavy duty zip with d'un bellows to prevent l'intrusion snow
  • Membrane BREATHTEX to l'épreuve of l'eau
  • Insole with silver skin, insulating and reflective
  • Resistant outsole with very grippy, offering protection and stability in the toughest conditions
  • Sizes european 19-42
  • Welted rubber connecting the boot to the sole OC System®
  • Comfort Zone going jusqu'à -30 °C

Olang HAPPY CAMO Winter Boots for Kids


  • BREATHTEX waterproof membrane
  • Comfort zone up to -30°C
  • European sizes from 19 - 42
  • Italian design and manufacture by a specialized adult workforce
  • Lining is enhanced with breathable insulating OLANTEX film
  • Multilayer material innersole with insulating and reflective aluminium film
  • Resistant sole with a very subscriber base, offering protection and stability under the most difficult conditions
  • Robust zipper with a bellow stopping the intrusion of snow
  • Rubber welt connecting the OC System® sole to the boot