Mobils TASHA Strawberry 15775 by Mephisto Sandals for women

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Color - Red

Mobils by Mephisto

Mobils TASHA Strawberry 15775 by Mephisto Sandals for women

  • Ultra-light models
  • Maximum comfort
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High quality natural materials
Poids (Paire kg): 0.4900
Matière: Cuir vernis
Doublure: Non doublé
Largeur: H (largeur supplémentaire)
Type de fermeture: Boucle
Hauteur de talon: 1.5 cm
Type de talon: Plat

Sandale Mule femme - Cuir vernis, Noir. Ultra-confortable, cette sandale de la gamme « Nature is future » assure un confort incomparable et un excellent chaussant grâce à ses deux brides ajustables. La voûte anatomique dotée de la technologie SOFT-AIR repose sur un lit plantaire en liège. La semelle épaisse et ultra-légère, favorise une marche tout en douceur et sans fatigue.

Grâce à la TECHNOLOGIE SOFT-AIR de MOBILS, les pieds douloureux font partie du passé. La semelle intercalaire SOFT-AIR réduit au maximum les chocs inhérents à la marche. Elle protège vos pieds, soulage vos articulations, prend soin de votre dos et favorise un climat sain à l’intérieur de la chaussure. Les voûtes en liège de MEPHISTO sont uniques. De par sa nature, le liège apporte un soutien plantaire incomparable. L'anatomie du pied est préservée évitant ainsi l'affaissement de la voûte plantaire. Chaussures et sandales de la gamme NATURE IS FUTURE composées de matériaux naturels de haute qualité. La semelle ultra-légère associée extrême souplesse, légèreté incomparable et permet un excellent amortissement. Le confort d'une marche sans fatigue.

SOFT-AIR technology

The secret of the exceptional comfort of MEPHISTO shoes lies in this innovative technology: the SOFT-AIR midsole, extremely flexible and durably elastic, reduces the shocks inherent in walking to a minimum. This is the reason why the joints, disks and spine are protected. You walk like you're on thick, soft carpets and you feel, even after hours, always in good shape. The tired feet belong to the past ...

A gentle walk

To adapt to the way of walking straight, the human foot presents a great complexity anatomical and functional. Thus, a quarter of the 220 or so bones of the human body are in the feet. In order to protect foot areas which, by walking daily in footwear, are particularly sensitive to pain caused by walking shocks, MEPHISTO has equipped each model with SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY, an internationally registered patent.

Healthy climate

Throughout the day, our feet are mostly confined to shoes. This leads many people to sweat more and  the climate inside the shoe suffers from a greenhouse effect: excessive sweating, fungus or other foot diseases are often the consequence. The SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY, in combination with the natural leather of the upper and the lining, ensures a constant healthy climate


A walk without fatigue

The shocks inherent in walking are a permanent pain for the whole body. Walking on hard floors, joints, discs and spine are exposed throughout our life to these unnatural loads. Special shock absorbers in the heels and soft and cushioning SOFT-AIR midsole, integrated into all MEPHISTO shoes and sandals, reduce shock to a minimum.