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Mephisto LADY Grey 7103 Women's Comfortable Walking Shoes Women Comfortable Walking Shoes - Coordinator's Shop

Mephisto LADY Grey 7103 Chaussures de marche Confortables pour femmes Women Comfortable Walking Shoes

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Mephisto Canada Laval

Mephisto LADY Grey 7103 Comfortable walking Shoes for women

  • Absorbs shock
  • Guarantee a fit perfect
  • Offers a healthy climate for your feet
Material: Metallic leather
Interior: No
Outsole: Rubber
Width: G = standard width
Type of closure: Lace-up
Heel height: 2 cm
Type of heel: Flat

This model with a fast lacing is a great classic of the brand : its reputation is more to do. It impresses with its vintage look while ensuring comfort and a fit which is unrivalled. The midsole Soft-Air helps to reduce shocks to a minimum for a walk smoothly and without fatigue.

The technology SOFT-AIR

The secret of the exceptional comfort shoes MEPHISTO is located in this innovative technology : the midsole SOFT-AIR extremely versatile, flexible and permanently elastic, reducing the shock inherent to walking to a minimum.

This is the reason why the joints, discs and spine are protected. You walk like on a carpet thick and soft and you feel, even after hours, always in top shape. Tired feet therefore belong to the past...

A soft walk

To adapt to the way of walking right, the human foot has a complex anatomical and functional. Thus, a quarter of some 220 bones of the human body is in the feet.

In order to protect areas of the foot which, in walking daily in shoes, are particularly susceptible to pain caused by the shocks of walking, MEPHISTO has equipped each model of the TECHNOLOGY SOFT-AIR, a patent internationally filed.

A healthy climate

Throughout the day, our feet are most of the time confined in the shoes. This leads in many people to a higher transpiration – the climate inside of the shoe suffers from a greenhouse effect : excessive sweating, fungal infection or other diseases of the feet are often the result.

The TECHNOLOGY SOFT-AIR, in association with the natural leather upper and lining, ensures a continuously healthy climate

A walk without fatigue

The shock inherent in walking form permanent pain for the whole body. Walking on hard floors, joints, discs and spine are exposed to throughout our lives these burdens against nature.

Shock absorbers special in the heels and midsole SOFT-AIR, flexible and shock absorbing, built-in all shoes and sandals MEPHISTO, reduce shocks to a minimum.

Mephisto LADY Grey 7103 Women's Comfortable Walking Shoes

  • Reduces harsh impacts
  • Guarantees a perfect fit
  • Healthy conditions for feet
    Material: Metallic leather
    Lining: Unlined
    Sole: Rubber
    Width: G = wide fitting
    Fastener: Laces
    Heel Height: 2 cm
    Heel Type: Flat

    This sturdy MEPHISTO ladies’ shoe provides a special degree of comfort: the combination of soft leather upper, breathable inner lining and an incredibly resistant sole makes this shoe particularly versatile and comfortable. The speed-lacing system and cushioned edge makes sure that the foot is secure and comfortable inside the shoe, and that it stays nicely in place. The integrated SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY reduces hard impact from walking to an absolute minimum and allows you to go about your day comfortably and effortlessly. It also ensures a healthy climate for your feet.

    Internationally known for their outstanding craftsmanship and lasting comfort, MEPHISTO footwear makes tired feet a thing of the past. Our revolutionary SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY is the innovation behind this exceptional comfort. The flexible SOFT-AIR midsole minimizes the shock from walking, offering protection to your feet, relief for your joints, and proper care of your back. The breathable nature of this exclusive midsole also enhances air circulation to ensure a healthier environment for your feet.

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