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Fidelio 356006-12 Fango Lambperlato Tobago HALLUX for onion problem Hallux Valgus FINAL SALE / FINAL SALE - Boutique du Cordonnier

Fidelio 356006-12 Fango Lambperlato Tobago HALLUX to problem of onion Hallux Valgus

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Fidelio ShoesFidelio Hallux

Fidelio 356006-12 Fango Lambperlato Tobago HALLUX Shoes for Bunions Hallux Valgus

European manufactured style, quality, comfort and design have come together to make sandals and shoes for everyone. Fidelio is the Austrian designed shoe you don t want to miss. Fidelio produces comfortable footwear with a focus on well-fitting, fashionable footwear for customers troubled by bunions. The MAGIC-STRETCH function and the stretchable bunion insert of HALLUX fit perfectly, are padded and hide the bunions.

Customers trying our sandals on for the first time praise their comfort. The insole is made from feather-light natural cork covered with a layer of the best calf leather. It perfectly supports your anatomy and properly supports the foot. The deep-cupped heel correctly position the foot while providing additional stability. It is these innovations that correctly distribute weight and makes the sandal so comfortable. The soles are also removable to accommodate year orthotic (insole).

Designed for Comfort-with integrated HALLUX-STRETCH insert!

FIDELIO offers models where the HALLUX-STRETCH insert is integrated into the fashionable design and fits perfectly to the foot, making the bunion practically invisible to the eye. The STRETCH insert is softly padded which prevents severe pressure being placed upon the bunion.

The sole and last have been constructed so as to provide enough room for the toes and muscles and the straight positioning of the big toe provides optimum comfort. Top quality leather uppers
and lining materials catering for a healthy foot climate.

All FIDELIO lasts have been developed in close collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons. The sole construction is slip resistant. The anatomically formed, removable footbed is moulded from natural cork and is equipped with a distinctive deep-cupped heel and sports soft cushioning at the forefoot.

Of course even women without a bunion problem can get excited about the comfortable and fashionable models offered by FIDELIO.

Features include:

  • Made in Austria
  • Heel height 35mm, gradient 23mm
  • Soft, vegetable tanned leather uppers, and a built-in, stretchable leather bunion pocket.
  • The footbeds are removable, with arch and metatarsal arch support. The toe area of the footbed is lined with leather matching the upper of the sandal.
  • Deep cupped heel
  • Ideal for orthotics
  • Air cushioned sole
  • Soft tread sole for excellent grip
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • H Width

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