Birkenstock FLORIDA FRESH 1016643 BRUSHED VANILLA VEGAN Narrow Width


BIRKENSTOCK GIZEH BRAIDED 1015925 LEATHER Regular Habana Naturel Breadth

Birkenstock FLORIDA FRESH 1016643 BRUSHED VANILLA VEGAN Narrow Width

  • Narrow Width
  • Orthopedic sandals
  • Birko-Flor
  • Vegan

Help people with problems of sciatic nerve, make the prickle easier plantar, position, backache, trouble of knees, of lenoir...

Information on the product

In the course of our life, no other part of our body suffers so much pressure as our feet. They assure the balance of the body, absorb shocks and support the complete weight of the body. That's why shoes Birkenstock are drawn to give an optimum support of your feet.

The bed of foot

Eight stages Birkenstock to have feet in health

1. More of space for toes
What allows the toes to move naturally, what brings a better balance and a very good health of toes in their group.

2. The bourrelet of distance in toes
A natural sticking of the foot, improving the circulation so allows.

3. The outline of the bed of foot
Form and outlines of a foot and them guard in health supports. Four arks allow to distribute pressure also and stabilise the foot.

4. The fitting-together of the heel
A profile of neutral and bored heel the guard well in place and allows a better support while helping the natural alignment of the spinal column.

5. Sole which absorbs shocks
Flexible, lasting, light, she resists shocks and is removable.

6. Ooze with juice of fibres
Two thicknesses of ooze with juice. The one pushes back humidity, other one reinforces the sole, returning its easier replacement.

7. Bed of foot in cork
Made by natural cork, it gives not only a very good redemption of shocks, but also a big suppleness, what favours good manners of the body.

8. The double of the bed of foot
A flexible suede which creates a healthy environment for the foot.

In 1960s, Birkenstock introduced her"sandal health", so meeting needs of onenumber growing by searching consumers ofcomfortable and completely unique, quality shoes.Since they assure that the foot is supported well, thissandals improve the whole position of the body, whatbring automatically a feeling of ease. Severalcollections were developed to meet needsspecific of our customers. For example, our hoofs
medical are adapted to the workers of the middle of health.

Birkenstock Sandales Vegan

Birkenstock Footbed

Birkenstock Footbed