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Birkenstock A-630 010272 Black Polyurethane


Birkenstock A-630 010272 BlackPolyurethane

Product information

BIRKENSTOCK's A 630 professional clog in PU (polyurethane) has established itself as a tried-and-tested shoe for all those working in kitchens and the food industry. The fully closed last in skin-friendly, hard-wearing PU and the compact design with raised heel contribute to foot protection. The directly foamed PU sole with a deeper profile is non-slip, waterproof and resistant to oil and grease. This makes the clog particularly suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as tiles or steel floors.

In the course of our lives, no other part of our body is subjected to as much pressure as our feet. They balance the body, absorb shock and support the body's total weight. That's why Birkenstock shoes are designed to give your feet optimum support.

The footbed

The eight Birkenstock steps to healthy feet

1. More room for your toes
Allows toes to move naturally, leading to better balance and overall toe health.

2. The toe spreader bead
Allows the foot to grip naturally, improving circulation.

3. Footbed contour
Supports the shape and contours of the foot, keeping it healthy. The four arches distribute pressure evenly and stabilize the foot.

4. The heel cup
A neutral, drilled heel profile keeps the heel firmly in place and provides better support while helping the natural alignment of the spine.

5. Shock-absorbing sole
Flexible, durable, lightweight, shock-resistant and removable.

6. Jute fiber
Two layers of jute. One repels moisture, the other reinforces the sole, making replacement easier.

7. Cork footbed
Made from natural cork, it not only provides excellent shock absorption, but is also highly flexible, helping to support the body.

8. Footbed lining
Soft suede creates a healthy foot environment.

In the 1960s, Birkenstock introduced its "healthy sandal", responding to the needs of a growing number of consumers for quality, comfortable and unique footwear. Because they ensure that the foot is well supported, these sandals improve the body's overall posture, automatically bringing a sense of well-being. Several collections have been developed to meet the specific needs of our customers. For example, our clogs
for healthcare workers.


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